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In 2017, MellowAds relied on Bitcoin for both its faucet rewards and advertisement payments. However, as the years have passed, Bitcoin has evolved into a system that is too congested, slow, and costly for our purposes.

Presently, transaction fees on the Bitcoin network can exceed $10, making it impractical for our users who need to make frequent or smaller transactions.

In response to these limitations, we have decided to switch to Bitcoin Cash for all payments. Bitcoin Cash offers a more efficient and cost effective solution, ensuring that our users can enjoy our services without being burdened by excessive fees.

For users who prefer to deposit in standard Bitcoin or other currencies, we are implementing a straightforward, one way currency exchange. This feature will allow you to deposit your preferred currency and automatically convert it to Bitcoin Cash, facilitating a seamless transaction process.

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I am the Administrator and Developer at MellowAds, a leading advertising platform. I am responsible for managing the technical operations and delivering regular updates about our services to our valued users.


  1. Hello
    What happens to old accounts on the site? We, the publishers of advertisements, still demand money from you, do you pay them or not?

  2. Я потерял свой старый аккаунт так как не мог зайти, не помогла даже смена пароля. Пришлось завести новый аккаунт.

  3. As always, you don’t answer. How can you be trusted again? Please answer us. Is it possible to log in again with old accounts and is there any remaining balance?

    • Hi, I’ll post an update later today. I am not the original owner and all data has been lost.

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