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For many years, MellowAds dominated the scene as the largest Bitcoin advertising network for both webmasters, faucet claimers, and of course advertisers. However MellowAds stopped working then went completely offline without any explanation.

In this blog post I hope to answer everyone questions and explain what happened and the future of the MellowAds platform.

Are you the original owner of MellowAds?

I’m not the original owner of MellowAds but I was an advertiser back in 2017 so I have some knowledge on how the platform worked.

How did you get the MellowAds domain?

I’ve had a back order on the domain for many years but recently the domain went up for auction at Godaddy and I won the domain.

Why did MellowAds go offline?

Many people speculate it was an exit scam but I don’t think this is true. I logged in to some of the original owners accounts and managed to get his real information and from the looks of it he died – I found an obituary with the same unique name and location.

Will users get their money back from MellowAds?

Sadly I don’t have the original database so there is no way to prove what users has what ads or balances. If you had an account before you will have to make a new one and start at zero. I do plan to offer $100 bonus to new webmasters once I have the site done.

When will MellowAds be back online?

Right now MellowAds is online but with basic functionality, this is because I have to program every part of the platform from scratch and I’m releasing it as I add functionality. I’m working hard to get this done so I hope within the next month.

If you have additional questions or feedback please feel free to comment below this post. I hope I have cleared everything up 🙂


I am the Administrator and Developer at MellowAds, a leading advertising platform. I am responsible for managing the technical operations and delivering regular updates about our services to our valued users.


  1. Marcos Tadeu de Abreu Reply

    Some time ago I deposited 0.8 btc, that is, almost 1 BTC, if you have access to my account with this email, you will see that it is true, I sent some emails but I never received any responses, in short I was unable to advertise and earn what I wanted and yet I lost my money.

    • Has the article says the original database is gone as I’m not the same owner. Sorry man!

  2. It would be great if you add a link of the site in this blog post so, that people can visit the site. Thank you

  3. Hello there. I used Mellow Ads back in the day when the moonbit faucets and faucethub were in full swing. It was a shame to see it fall away but so good to see you are reviving the domain. I am still big into the fauceting scene and I know the community is even growing as new regions embrace cryptos.
    From a publisher perspective, it would be great if you can provide ads that work for websites being viewed on mobile devices. I know ad networks cater to mobile apps but many faucet owners only run standard websites, and various ad formats will not display properly when viewed in a browser on a phone or tablet. Lots of new users only have access to a phone, so we need a form of ad that will automatically display correctly across devices.
    Also, the old MellowAds had a faucet where people could earn credit to buy ads. If you could incorporate this also, and perhaps a full survey wall so we can grind to earn credits to buy network ads.. weell, all will be good in the universe.
    I wish you all the best with the new platform and thank you for hearing my input.
    Welcome back, MellowAds.
    Kind regards,

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